3 Fun Uses for That Leftover Peppermint Syrup in Your Restaurant

Posted on: 10 January 2017


So, you've purchased a bulk order of peppermint syrup to use in a popular dish that's featured on your menu, but you're worried about using it up before it expires and you subsequently need to place an order for more. Here are three fun ways to use that leftover peppermint syrup and optimize any profits that are made from your investment:

Use It in Smoothies

An excellent way to use up some of your peppermint syrup is to feature it in a couple of smoothie or juice options that are available on your menu. If you don't already have these types of drinks available, concoct something easy with things that are already in your kitchen. Throw together some milk, any fruits you have in the freezer, and some peppermint syrup for a thrilling taste combination your customers are sure to love. Juice leftover vegetable ends, lemons, and citrus to make an excellent juice that peppermint syrup will complement well.

Infuse the Coffee and Tea

Consider adding specialty coffee and tea options to your menu by simply infusing them with some peppermint syrup. Those who enjoy a fresh flavor with their coffee or tea can order the specialty option and savor the undertones of peppermint with their drinks. You can add other ingredients with the peppermint syrup to create even more specialty drinks. Try adding a little syrup and one or more of the following into your drinks:

  • Coconut Milk
  • Fresh Berries
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Caramel or Chocolate Syrup

Consider creating a different special each week that features ingredients from the kitchen that you are trying to use up.

Add It to Fruit Dishes

Any fresh fruit that is featured on your menu can be infused with peppermint syrup to liven it up and make it more interesting. Pour peppermint syrup directly over fruit dishes on the breakfast menu. Marinade pineapple chunks in the syrup before putting them on skewers to grill or adding them to stir-fries. Couple some peppermint and chocolate syrup and pour it over fruity desserts. You can even add peppermint syrup to fruit that's being cooked in pies, brownies, and other sweet treats.

Use It as a Dipping Sauce

If you aren't interested in making any changes to your menu, use your leftover peppermint syrup as a dipping sauce for customers who want the enhancement for their dishes. Put a small flyer on each table in your restaurant that announces the availability of the peppermint dipping sauce. When customers request it, have your servers pour a little in a small dish and serve it with the dishes they're meant for.

These tips and tricks are simple to incorporate and will help ensure that you can use up all your peppermint syrup before it goes bad and needs to be replaced.