• 2 Tips For Planning Vegetarian Catering At Your Wedding

    If you are a vegetarian and are planning a catered wedding, you are in good company. A recent survey established that 5% (1 out of 20) of Americans consider themselves to be vegetarians. Fortunately, by implementing several ideas for the menu on your big day, you will be able to meet the expectations of your guests and still comply with your own dietary beliefs. There is no need to sacrifice your own stance on the consumption of animals or animal products on your special day.
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  • Incorporating Healthy Food Choices When Entertaining

    If you are hosting a large event a banquet hall setting, the food choices you have available for your guests will make an impact on the enjoyment they have while attending. Many people are opting to use healthier food selections when having larger events, allowing guests to enjoy flavorful foods they may not have experienced in the past. Consider having your catering service add some of the following ideas into your own large event menu:
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  • Questions About Buying K-Cups

    There are few things that can be more enjoyable than your morning cup of coffee. Sadly, many people struggle to make coffee that is the perfect strength. Luckily, K-cups are designed to solve this problem by ensuring that you always have the perfect mix of water and coffee. While coffee makers that use these cups have started to grow in popularity, there are many people who have questions about K-cups before they decide to make this upgrade.
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