3 Different Ways You Can Use Dry Ice

Posted on: 6 January 2017


Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide and is beneficial because when it breaks down it does not turn to liquid like traditional ice but instead turns into carbon-dioxide gas. With a surface temperature of -109.3 degrees Fahrenheit, dry ice can safely be used to keep food safe. Dry ice can also be used in many other ways, such as the three ways below.

Repair Dents

If you have small dents on your car, you can use dry ice to repair them. This is because the dry ice will condensate the metal, which causes the metal to shrink the dents. Place the dry ice directly over the dent until the metal is frosted a few inches beyond the dent. When this is done, leave the car in the sun and let the metal warm up. If there is still a dent, repeat the procedure until the dent is gone. This may not completely remove the dent, but it will reduce it so that it is not as noticeable. Dry ice can also be used to repair hail damage that may be on your car.

Take Care of Gophers

If you have gophers in your yard, they can destroy things, such as your garden or the flooring in your shed. To get the gophers to leave your yard, you can use dry ice. Walk around your yard and find the holes created by the gophers. Put some dry ice into each hole. Once the dry ice is in, fill the hole with soil. You could miss some holes, so you may need to repeat this process again, but this is a good method for getting the gophers to leave your yard.

Use It for a Party

Dry ice can be used for fun, especially at a Halloween party. This is because you can use the ice to create a fog effect. To do this, put two to three gallons of water into a bucket and add about a cup of dry-ice crystals; you will quickly see a fog. This can be placed at your front door for trick or treaters, or you can put a small amount of dry ice and water inside a pumpkin. The ice will evaporate quickly when mixed with water, so you will need to replace the solution often.

There are many other things you can use dry ice for. No matter what you use it for, however, you need to be very careful and wear heavy gloves when handling the ice because of its very cold temperature. The ice can very quickly burn your skin if you touch it.