Kaiser Rolls: Shaping These Unique Sandwich Rolls

Posted on: 30 December 2016


Made from white wheat flour, kaiser rolls are made to have a hard crust and are soft within. The origin of kaiser rolls hasn't been determined, but they've been around for centuries as a popular food item.They are risen with yeast, and they are bread rolls that are often used to make sandwiches. It's pretty easy to identify a kaiser roll because they are baked with a five-point design on the surface, which looks somewhat like a crown. The rolls can be plain, topped with sesame seeds, or even with small bits of fried onion. 

Shaping Your Kaiser Rolls

Once you have made traditional bread dough, you can create kaiser rolls by taking a piece of the dough and rolling it out into a seven inch circle. Fold one piece of the circle towards the middle, doing this a total of five times. The last piece should be tucked under the first fold you made. Flip the dough over and press the dough down with your hand. Let your dough rise one more time and flip the dough back over so the crown design is on top.

You Can Try Stamping the Dough Instead

There are stamps designed to make a ball of dough look like a kaiser roll once you stamp it. You have to test out the stamp to get it right. When you use the stamp with too much pressure, your dough will separate and your final product won't look like a roll. If you don't use enough pressure, the design pressed into the dough will go away when the dough finally rises.  You can also try simply using a knife and cutting a pattern into the top of your roll, but this doesn't usually create the same effect.

To Make the Crust Crunchy

When you want to make the crust of your kaiser rolls crunchy, use an egg wash on the rolls just before you put them in the oven. Brush the egg wash over the rolls to give them a firm crust. You can also use water instead, spraying your rolls several times while they are in the oven baking.

Eating Kaiser Rolls

Most people use kaiser rolls for sandwiches, and they make a perfect sandwich when you cut them horizontally. They are also enjoyed alone or with a cup of soup. Hard rolls and vienna rolls are often considered kaiser rolls, although they are slightly different. To find out more, speak with a business like Klosterman Baking Company.