Why Purchasing A Double Bin Sink Is A Great Idea For A Restaurant

Posted on: 29 December 2016


Restaurant supplies come in a wide variety of types, including important cleaning items like sinks. Double bin sinks include two separate bins and are a great investment for any restaurant kitchen. Here's why:

The Advantages Of A Double Bin Kitchen Sink

When restaurant owners are considering a double bin sink for their kitchen, they need to understand the various advantages that they hold over single bin sinks:

  • Allow restaurant employees to use the sink for two purposes
  • Include "prep" and "washing" sinks that can be used for different purposes
  • Usually take up about the same size as a single bin sink by making the bins a little smaller
  • Can be purchased at similar prices to single bin sinks

One disadvantage of a double bin sink is the increased cost of installation. Single bin sinks will only need one drain installed while a double bin will need two. This minor disadvantage is easy to ignore considering how useful these sinks are to the average restaurant.

Integrating One Into A Kitchen

Double bin sinks are so useful in a commercial kitchen because they allow the restaurant employees to do the dishes without having to change the water. For example, one bin could be filled with hot soapy water while the other bin could be used for rinsing. Putting two people on this dish washing process at the end of the night could cut the time it takes in half.

However, double bin sinks can also be used for other purposes, including soaking stained cooking tools (like blender blades) and even washing off stained aprons. Soaking these items in one sink still gives access to another bin, making it possible to continue using the sink effectively.

Taking Care Of A Double Bin Sink

The best double bin sink for a commercial kitchen is a stainless steel sink. They are the toughest and will last the longest. This helps keep costs down by making it unnecessary to regularly replace sinks. However, they need to be taken care of regularly to keep them from wearing down. Proper care of a stainless steel double bin sink can make it last nearly a lifetime.

At the end of the day when all the dishes are washed, it is a good idea to wash the interior and exterior of the sink with warm water. If necessary, non-scratching powders can be used with warm water and sponges to break up stains. After every cleaning, the sink must be rinsed with clean hot water and hand-dried to remove any excessively dirty water.

Rinsing its surface with club soda is a great way of returning its shine and making it look better. While this won't be a major deal in a commercial kitchen, where few customers will see it, it can help employees feel proud of their work.