Beyond Fondant And Buttercream: 3 Fun Wedding Cakes

Posted on: 13 December 2016


If you and your fiancé are the type who really hate cake, then you might be fretting about your big reception and the wedding cake. It's considered one of the central pieces of the dinner, but what happens when the two of you just don't like cake? Well, you can choose an alternative wedding dessert and have your wedding caterers arrange it in a lovely way. Below you will find three suggestions that are good alternatives to the classic wedding cake. You can pick one out and then discuss the presentation with your caterers.

Fancy Sundaes

If you are an ice cream fanatic, then consider an ice cream sundae bar. You can have these set up on a beautifully decorated banquet table and use elegant glass bowls for the toppings, and have ice cream in discreet, cloth-wrapped containers. You can have one of the wait staff positioned behind the serving station so that they can help create the sundaes for guests.

Think French: Petit Fours

If you want something a bit more elegant than ice cream sundaes, then consider petit fours. These are tiny little desserts that the French specialize in. You can get macarons, tiny little fruit tartlets, eclairs, and lots of other petit fours. These can be arranged on a series of serving towers so that you get that tall, visually impressive look that a wedding cake affords, without having to actually get the cake! You can even top the apex of the serving towers with a pair of Bride and Groom figures.

Croquembouche: French To The Rescue Again

If you want something really elegant looking and impressive, then consider the French classic called croquembouche. It's made by stacking cream puffs into a large pyramid and covering the entire thing with strands of caramel. It's very pretty looking and really delicious. Your guests will all be impressed, as it's not a common dessert outside of Italy and France. You can place a tiny bride and groom on the top of the pyramid, so you get that classic "wedding" look as well. 

These are pretty tricky to serve, so you will want to talk with the caterer about preparations. They might bring in a special baker who will assemble the croquembouche and serve it to the guests. If you want an idea as to what it will taste like, you should try a cream puff from a bakery.

Contact a wedding catering company like Grand Street for more ideas.