Three Ideas For A Post-Holiday Catered Corporate Party

Posted on: 14 January 2016


During the holidays, many companies recognize that their employees have their hands full with multiple family get-togethers and skip hosting an official Christmas work party. But now that the traditional holiday season is over, hire acatering company, reward your employees, and boost the workplace family morale with one of these non-traditional celebrations.

The Year In Review

Just like many people make New Year's resolutions, so do many companies. Throw a party to recognize your employees' achievements the previous year, both individually and as a group. Hand out party favors, which could be anything from formal awards and certificates of recognition to gift certificates for pampering salon services, like a relaxing massage. Hire a motivational expert to give a rallying pep talk, incorporating your company's goals. While your employees enjoy their catered meal, you can share your visions for the coming year.

Healthy Start Party

Those resolutions all too often fall by the wayside come February. It is in a company's best interest to have a healthy workforce. Quit smoking or drinking, exercise more, and eat better are all common resolutions. Having employees succeed at these goals can potentially reduce sick days and non-productive hours as well as lower health insurance premiums.

Encourage their efforts by holding a party that serves an assortment of fresh and healthy foods. Work with a caterer to choose a selection of dishes that showcase just how flavorful healthy can taste. Have your company nurse or another health care professional in the community give a talk on stress-reduction techniques or any other topic you think would be useful to your staff. You can also hold free health care screenings, introduce incentives, such as a weight loss program, and offer an employee discount on a health club membership.

Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Break up the monotony of the winter doldrums with this fun party that can also double as an employee team building exercise. Order a murder mystery kit, and let the games begin! Each kit is different, but most contain the basic storyline and cards for each character to help guide them in their role. The kit may also include invitations with pre-game instructions. This will give participants time to get into character. You can even encourage your employees to really get into it and wear costumes or dress the part. Be sure to consider everyone's social skills and comfort level when deciding characters. The murder occurs while your guests are enjoying a specially catered dinner, and then the evening in spent gathering the clues and solving the crime.