3 Ways Mexican Food Can Fit Your Dietary Needs

Posted on: 15 November 2016


Many people have food aversions or allergies. This can make it hard for them to eat out because there are so many restaurants that are unable to make substitutes. Luckily, this is not the case with Mexican food. Mexican food is one of the easiest foods to tailor to anyone's dietary needs. Here are some ways that you can make Mexican food work for you, whatever your diet.

1. No Dairy

Dairy is one of the most common allergies there is. Many people have severe allergies, while others experience a mild intolerance that can make them feel sick after they eat it. The good thing about Mexican food is that dairy foods are generally a garnish and are not necessarily vital to many dishes. You can still eat tacos, fajitas and burritos without having any cheese or sour cream on them. The sauces are generally made from chilis and don't have any dairy. Thus, you could even get a burrito with sauce without worrying that the burrito will have dairy.

2. Gluten Free

Gluten free has become a very popular way to eat. This is because there are many health benefits to decreasing the amount of grains you eat. Additionally, there are many people who develop a severe allergy to gluten and are unable to tolerate even the smallest amounts of it. Gluten is in rye, barley and wheat. It is not however, in corn, which makes up a large amount of the ingredients in Mexican food. You can easily substitute a flour tortilla for a corn tortilla, and generally the chips are corn as well. Most Mexican food restaurants have many gluten-free options and avoid using wheat or gluten in their ingredients. Just make sure that before you eat it, you check that it in fact gluten free. Just because it doesn't have wheat, doesn't mean it doesn't have gluten.

3. Vegan

One of the main ingredients in most Mexican foods is rice and beans. If you don't eat meat, or any products made from animals, you can easily eat and enjoy Mexican food. You can enjoy rice and bean dishes, and you can enjoy meals made with lots of vegetables, like a fajita. Many dishes are naturally vegetarian and vegan, and you can always tweak a Mexican meal to easily make it vegan.

As you can see there are many options for Mexican food that can fit your dietary needs. For more information, visit this link.